May 29th, 2019 | Summer Jams

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May 29th, 2019 | Summer Jams

If you haven't noticed, we have been getting plenty of rain. A little too much. Most rivers are unseasonably high, with levels reminiscent of spring runoff rather than early summer. Despite this, fishing has been good, and hatches have been decent. Water temps are finally getting into the upper 50s pretty much everywhere, which will only improve the hatch reliability. 

Hennies are basically done, with the lingering spinner fall here and there. Sulphers are going strong, and grey drakes are starting nearly everywhere. Caddis are still prevalent and provide some action during the day. Once 5pm rolls around, look for the Sulphers, then at dark the Greys. Lots of good opportunities right now, and it will improve greatly. 

Brown Drakes are approaching quickly, and shortly thereafter, the Hex. Streamer fishing has been solid with the water lately, but the angling pressure has never been higher, so fooling one can be tricky. 

Memorable moments from the past week:

Rob with a solid twenty on a Drake.

Brad with a nice dry eater.

Rob with a streamer eater.

River side morel

Jordan with a nice smallie.

Drew with some nice Upper Peninsula brookies 

Erich with a gigantic trout

Rich on streamer duty

Matt found some trout up north 

Matt W fed a good one over the holiday weekend.

Rods used:


It's likely the mosquitoes will be awful this summer. Already, we've had some nasty swarms come after us. The Bugstopper Hoody from Simms is a sweet piece of gear. It's hard to believe, but they actually work really well! Check them out HERE

Finally, here's a link to tying video of the Laser Dub Changer. This thing is like a live minnow! Watch it HERE

Good luck! See you out there!