November 28th 2022

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November 28th 2022

Well where did all the snow go? In true Michigan style it went from 2 feet of snow to 40 and raining, which isn't the worst thing in the world due to the low water levels across the state. I was up north all weekend poking around steelhead rivers swinging and indy fishing with no great luck, it was tough all weekend with the blue bird skies paired with 50 degree temps, it wasn't the best idea I have ever had. I will say the fish are there, with good bumps happening every so often along with 2 steelhead just unhooking them self. There are fish around and they are willing to eat, all of my takes and bumps were on dull body color with an orange or pink head swing flies. The Little nymphing I did do produced a couple bobber downs. For the most part it was all about those late color eggs: Mccheese, Oregon cheese, and Late Mcroe.

Now lets talk about the ole brown trout... What a weekend with those I had. I have never had a crazy trout day swinging in my life till this weekend. It felt as if every cast or every other cast was just trout bumps till I striped the fly in. Nothing big was caught but jeez these dudes were fat. All the trout I caught over the weekend were on the swing, nothing on the indy which makes no sense to me but I went with the flow and ended up catching the fattest trout I have ever caught. All the trout were caught on swing flies (as I was trying to catch Steelhead) dull body color with orange or pink head, didn't matter I think as every fly I tied on was getting little taps the whole swing. 


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Like Always Good Luck and Have fun 
- Christian Gradowski