Oct 24th 2019 | Chrome Season

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Oct 24th 2019 | Chrome Season

Steelhead are still rolling in, and King numbers are low. Within the next week they will basically be gone, but I guess there are a couple fresh Salmon still coming upstream. There are still some fish spawning, but for the most part, they are done. It was an epic season with some big dawgs. 

We have shifted gears to steelhead and trout. Steelhead are off to a great start, with lots of fish showing up. The Fall run will keep coming in over the next month, and by late November, most of the fall steelhead will be inland. Generally speaking, of all the Steelhead in Lake Michigan, 25% of them make up the "Fall Run," and the other 75% will make up the "Spring Run". Those are broad numbers, but usually pretty accurate. 

Trout fishing has been okay. We got a couple on the Muskegon yesterday, and they were chock full of eggs. So much so, that it looked they had a golf ball in their stomach. Once the egg numbers lessen, they will start feeding more regularly again. They are very close to spawning as well, and have started on certain rivers already. If you see a bed with brown trout spawning, do your best to restrain yourself and leave them alone. 

Going forward, our main focus will be Steelhead. Look for them in the dark holes, tailouts, and bubble lines that are 3-6 ft deep. The indicator approach is usually the most effective, and will work all season long. Pair an egg fly with a large nymph (like any of the following) and you're good to go. 

Peach Wiggler

Rabbit Strip Hex



The Grand has a good number of steelhead, and the tributaries upstream will start to receive more as the weather gets nastier. More rain and colder temps will draw them in, and after Halloween is usually prime. The Muskegon is filling up with fish, as is the Big Man, PM, and others farther north. 

Remember to fish fast this time of year. Usually if you make a good presentation, they will take it on the first or second drift. Rather than pounding a run over and over like you might in the Winter, you're better off prospecting more water, faster, to find a willing fish. 

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We've got another Steelhead 101 class next week Wednesday in GR, that's already filling up. Call us during business hours or send us an email to sign up. Class Schedule  

Thanks for the support! Good luck out there.