Oct 31st, 2019 | Fall Gone

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Oct 31st, 2019 | Fall Gone

Happy Halloween!

Seems like our Fall weather is about to disappear, and we are entering a cold period for the next week or so. Nothing too bad, but certainly below average for this time of year. 

Last weekend, the entire state of Michigan got a nice shot of rain, upwards of 3 inches in places. The rivers are still high, but are trying to come down. Just as they start to drop, we get another little storm passing through, dumping enough rain to slow the drop. Guess it's better than low water, but it presents problems for the wading angler. We've even seen some snow lately. 

As of Halloween 2019:
Grand at 6th St: 10,800 CFS way too high to wade, but shore fishing is an option
Rogue: 771 CFS Stil high but dropping. Should be ok by Saturday? Be careful
Muskegon: 3640 CFS High but not terrible. Definitely better from the boat
Pere Marquette: 1470 CFS Still rising, quite high but ok if you know where to go
Tippy Dam: 2310 CFS Not bad, wade with caution

Steelhead are here, and more are on the way with each hit of rain. The bigger rivers (Grand, Muskegon, Big Man) have solid numbers of fish, and the smaller rivers are starting to see more and more each day. 

Large egg flies are your best bet in the high dirty water. Also stoneflies and large nymphs are safe bets. If you're swinging, anything flashy will basically work. Purple and pink are good as we transition into winter, but black and olive are hard to beat in the fall, with plenty of flash mixed in. 

Here's a quick step by step tutorial on a nice little bug we've caught lots of fish on over the past 2 years. The KRILLA


Or feed em flash!

Trout fishing has been great too, and we had a fun weekend up north targeting them exclusively. We had one tough day, but the other 2 days were pretty damn good. Friday night the temps went into the teens, and made for a tough day Saturday. But overall had great action on nymphs, streamers, and even some fish on top eating Blue Winged Olives. 

Nymph Fish:

Streamer Fish:

Dry Fish

It was a great weekend with very light crowds and beautiful scenery.

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Thanks for the support! Good luck out there.