October 10th, 2019 | Prime Time

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October 10th, 2019 | Prime Time

We are on the leading edge of arguably the best fishing of the year. Water temps are dropping to a lower level, and fish activity is really ramping up. Salmon run is slightly past peak, Steelhead are showing up, and the trout fishing is getting really good. We are recovering from the high water last week, and nearly all the rivers impacted are now down and approachable again. They are still on the high side, but not nearly what they were 6 days ago. The weekend weather forecast is pretty crazy, with a dip in temps, and another hit of rain on Friday. After that, a nice fall weather pattern will set in. Farther north, it's supposed to get close to freezing at night. This is GR:


Honestly, not many of us have been fishing over the past week. Everything was basically blown out, and we couldn't find time to get out. This weekend a lot of us will be fishing all over the state, doing some different things, on some overlooked waters. Streamers, nymphing, steelhead fishing, etc etc.

If you're targeting Steelhead, best flies to use right now are eggs. Period. Our buddy Ross Swanson took this killer photo this week on the Manistee. They are in the holes behind any active Salmon, chowing down eggs. You can also get them on the swing, and also on a stripped streamer. But to really sway the odds in your favor, grab an indicator or bobber rig, and float a couple sz 8 orange glo bugs behind any spawning kings and you will be just fine. You're liable to get some nice trout as well.

We've got some steelhead classes coming up too. Steelhead 101 is a free class, those will be on Oct 16th and Oct 30th in both shops. We're also offering a Steelhead 201 course that's on the water, and covers 3 main techniques to approaching Steelhead. It's $50 a person, and will be held on October 20th. For a full list of upcoming events for both shops, click HERE. 

We've got some fly tying classes on the docket too, and our winter Brews and Bugs Schedule is filling up with some very talented guests Fly Tiers. In the mean time here are some quick step by step tutorials for some effective Steelhead nymphs.

Pixie Hex Step by Step

A deadly wiggle hex nymph that steelhead eat confidently

Brush Hog Step by Step 

A quick 2 minute tie that you won't mind losing to the wood.