September 19th 2022

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September 19th 2022

It's that time of the year again, the Salmon are back and are in full swing of things. Rivers across the state are filled with Kings and Cohos on their yearly trip to spawn. For rivers local to Grand Rapids ( Rogue, and the Grand) we have found a perfect drift with an indicator set up has been the ticket to landing kings, Cohos, and browns! With the perfect drift its almost impossible for those fish to say no to an egg or nymph pattern!  


Hot Flies that we have found right now for this set up are- 

Orange blood dot red eggs, Green Caddis, and Pink blood dot red egg. 


This is also a great time of year to target trout eating eggs. As the Salmon drop their eggs, the trout take the chance to fatten up for the coming winter months. Euro Eggs or small egg patterns with light tippet behind Salmon can be very productive. If we get some rain in the forecast and some cooler temps streamer fishing should pick up for trout and maybe even a few steelhead as the fall run trickles in behind the salmon! 


As for bass fishing this time of year, it's going to become very tough before it becomes lights out across the state. Same as the trout the bass are waiting for that first cold spell to flip their minds that winter is coming and we need to get food in us! So over the course of the next couple weeks get ready for lights out streamer fishing for bass. All we really need is a couple cold days that drop past 40 at night and stay in low 50s during the day to turn that dinner bell on for them! 

Like always, good luck and have fun.  
- Christian Gradowski