September 4th, 2019 | Fall Kickoff

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September 4th, 2019 | Fall Kickoff

September is here, and the Salmon are rolling upstream at a pretty good pace. Most rivers have them, with more filling in each day. Just need some nastier weather to really get the main push going. 

There are some Coho at 6th Street Dam, and a handful of Kings. The rivers up north are starting to really fill in with fish, especially the Manistee, Platte, Betsie, and Pere Marquette. It will really improve within the next couple weeks. Best flies are Eggs (Chartruese, Orange, Pink), Egg Sucking Leeches, Stones, and Caddis. Contrary to popular belief, they will grab these flies. They may not be "eating" them, but we have seen Kings swim 5ft out of their way to grab an egg sucking leech. Run heavy mono, in the +15lb class. Stop in the shops, we've got everything you need for Salmon Camp 2K19. 

With the cooler temps at night, the Trout fishing is gaining some serious traction. Overall activity from these fish has greatly increased, and will improve drastically over the next month. All methods are in play; terrestrials, streamers, nymphs, dries, mice, etc. Ephrons, Fall Iso's, BWO's, and small sz 18 tan caddis offer good hatch matching options right now. Prospecting with a hopper or ant can be solid throughout the day, especially with a dropper nymph. 

Warmwater species have been great lately as well. September is often an overlooked month for these species, probably because so many people fixate towards the migratory fish. Smallmouth, Pike, and Musky are still very much active throughout this month.

Tons of opportunities right now. Personally, this is my favorite month to fly fish in Michigan. Incredible scenery, comfortable temps, and active fish make for some truly remarkable sessions on the water. Overall though, the main attraction currently is definitely the Salmon. Should be a good season for them, with numbers slightly lower than past years, but size of fish much larger than previous seasons. Hard to say for certain this early in the run. A few fish in the 40lb range have been caught on the big lake, which is insane. 


Also, this Saturday (September 7th, 8am - 12pm), we are hosting a Rogue River Cleanup. Last year's attendance was fantastic, and much trash was collected. This year there will be an after party at Rockford Brewing. Details can be found HERE

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