Spring Awakening

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Spring Awakening

As with most things here in the midwest, life seems to be dictated to some degree by the change of season and uncertain weather patterns. For us anglers, these transitions are sometimes easier to anticipate than they are to actually prepare for. We spend the winter months restocking fly boxes, overhauling organizational systems, and tinkering with equipment that might just be better off left alone. With trout season officially open, it's no wonder that we've had quite a few customers stopping in to pick up that "one" last minute thing before heading out to fish.

The fluctuation in temperature and air pressure last week made smallmouth fishing tricky, although frequent fly changes and varying retrieve speeds can produce results. A few steelhead remain in our rivers and tributaries, but their journey is quickly coming to an end. If you're streamer fishing for trout this weekend, consider bringing some brown leech patterns. Trout often feed on chestnut lampreys this time of year, and any articulated pattern with a slim profile in the 4"-5" range can get their attention. 

Early black stoneflies are slowing down. Fish are keying in on caddisflies mid-day and into the evening. Hendrickson mayflies have been going strong and their resilience to cold weather has proven once again to be pretty remarkable. Some larger mayflies are starting to emerge in our southern waters. Most of our rivers are running very low and clear. Consider adding a short section of fluorocarbon tippet to the end of your leader when fishing dries and emergers. This can also help on bright sunny days. Note that when joining nylon tippet to fluorocarbon, a triple surgeon's knot is the way to go. As always, don't forget your floatant and desiccant powder! 

Check out our Used Gear Page today. We have added a ton of new items. They wont last long. And swing by the shop on your way to the river, we have tons of new gear in stock. 

Good luck to everyone getting out this weekend!