The Big Dance | Hex Hatch

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The Big Dance | Hex Hatch

The hex hatch is a unique experience in Northern Michigan that can drive someone crazy. Some individuals plan vacations around some people skip sleep and drive north after work and return home before sun rise.  It is not until you "hit it" that an individual gets what all the hype is about.  Many rivers got the first taste of bugs over the past few nights and should continue for the next 10 days.  My experience started after a family game of Pictionary that ended around 10pm with a "I'm going to see if there are any bugs"  statement.  Shortly after I was back at the cabin suiting up and hitting the water around 11:30 - although bugs were on the water - the fish had another story.  Driving back towards the cabin at 1am I was optimistic for the next week to come.   

The next day started with a family trip to GATES AU SABLE LODGE for some sandwiches and intel for the night from Josh and Lance.  I recommend the Downstate Reuben but anything from the restaurant is amazing.  The night float started with blind casting ISO's with success followed by a drift boat rowing lesson that I might not call a success. As the sun went down slowly the river came alive with a slurp here and there.   So we set up and waited for a consistent gulper. After a few casts from the guest he suggested I give it a play and 1-2 casts I was hooked up on one of the brightest orange trout I've ever caught that torpedoed out of the water like a killer whale at Sea World.  The fight continued with a solid run under a log in which we had to give the fish complete slack followed by a great net job on a sandy corner.  Photo and back in the water. My father's day fish.  The next hour was spent casting and working our way down stream listening for slurps while trying not to inhale a million gnats after turning on a light in the complete darkness.  

As the river quieted from bugs a cooler breeze came rolling down the river followed by a few rain drops.  The few rain drops turned into a few more and then like the flip of a light switch we were in full monsoon trying to push out to the take out with about a foot of visibility in front of the boat and white caps. Welcome to the hex hatch.  

Good luck to all fishing in the dark this week, ISO's and Hex SHOP BUGS are the 2 main bugs you will want in your box. Don't forget your bug spray, head lamp, extra batteries and a buddy.  Keep in mind as the temperatures get warmer use extreme caution while handling fish.  Cheers and good luck!