The End of Winter?

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The End of Winter?

The signs of spring are all around and it seems like the end of winter is finally in sight. This weekend will hopefully be the last bout of cold before warmer weather graces our future. As water temperatures begin to creep up next week expect the fishing to heat up too. Lots of good fishing reports from the last week are coming in from across the state. Fresh steelhead are showing up and indicator fishing has been a great producer. 

Trout fishing has also been pretty good. Euro nymphing continues to be the most productive method for targeting early season trout. 

For those targeting steelhead in the next couple weeks do not over look the alevin pattern. As the salmon alevins emerge from the gravel, they are a vulnerable and calorically dense target for both steelhead and trout. Check out the Squirmy Alevin Tutorial or the Bruiser Sac Fry Pattern for some inspiration at the tying bench. Or swing by the shop to pick some up before your next trip. 


The shop is filling up with new spring items every day. We just got a big shipment of New Fishpond Products in and we are fully stocked with Scott Fly Rods. Come see us to get geared up for the season! 

Good luck to everyone getting out this weekend. Stay warm out there, and take solace in the warmer weather on the horizon.