August 1st, 2019 | Late Summer

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August 1st, 2019 | Late Summer

Now that it's August, we are entering the final phase of summer. Attractor flies for trout is a good option, nymphing is productive, and mousing at night can be epic. Tricos fished with extremely light tippet and super small flies can be fun (if you're into that sort of thing). Hoppers, ants, and beetles are also on the menu. Daytime smallmouth fishing is in it's prime. August is great for smallies. They are widespread, and willing to chase and eat nearly any type of fly as long as you don't spook them.

Everyone loves to fish poppers and topwater flies, but for overall consistency, small weighted streamers have been far and away the most productive style of flies lately. If you find a spot with any kind of depth (3 feet or more), those fish will not leave the security of that pool. With the water being as clear as it is, there's no need to fish anything huge, and it can even spook them. Smaller, more realistic flies are very reliable. 

Justin with a good one on the Tenkara pole. 

Nomad Anglers is working with Trout Unlimited to install and maintain a number of environmental sensors on the Rogue River that will provide real time height, water temperature, and turbidity data. We are looking for land owner partners that would be willing to provide river access for a station on the lower Rogue. If you or someone you know owns waterfront property on the lower Rogue and are interested in helping us out please send an email to!

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Good luck to everyone this weekend, enjoy the warm weather!