Feb 13th 2020

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Feb 13th 2020

The steelhead are really showing up in big numbers now. In certain areas they have started to spawn, and as more fish come inland, the spawn will really start to ramp up in the next few weeks. Our favorite time to target the steelhead is when they are staging. The prespawn season is just beginning, and goes until the first week of March or so. Seems to be a little earlier this year, but this prespawn window is very fun. There are lots of chrome fish around, and they aren't quite up on the gravel spawning yet. All the buckets and trenches will hold fish, not just the slow deep winter holes. Very fun to fish some quicker shallower water BEFORE they get up on the beds.  Any dark water nearby shallow gravel areas are almost guaranteed to have fish that are simply waiting for the water temps to rise. It's an awesome time of year with plenty of willing fish, widespread in multiple different water types.

Trout have been fun too. The cool thing about them, is they don't go anywhere! They live in the river! All year long! 

They continue to keep us busy, and lots of good ones caught lately. Stoneflies, frenchies, walts worms, pheasant tails, and eggs have been working fine. 4x and 5x fluoro tippet has been standard, with Cortland being a real winner. We've got a nice little selection of Cortland tippet, leader material, and sighter, and high vis white mono 

The water statewide is stabilizing very nicely, making for easy wading. No big storms on the horizon so things should stay this way for a good long while. Trout are certainly congested and concentrated, so if you find one, you are likely standing in front of a cluster. As the water warms, they will spread out and start to occupy the faster water, as well as the slow stuff. Should be a great Spring season as long as the weather and rains cooperate. 

Still have some classes on deck for the next couple weeks. Full schedule HERE

Also, we are booking smallmouth trips for this Spring/Summer. Great fishing close to the Grand Rapids area. Erich has been targeting them for many years, and loves seeing them inhale a large flashy streamer. Smallmouth are a great sportfish for begginners and advanced anglers alike. Lots of availability still, but contact us soon to get a day reserved because the calendar can fill up quickly. May-August is prime. Full and half days available. More info HERE.

Next Tuesday, Feb 18th, is the Fly Squad Fundraiser at Rockford Brewing. A great event for a great cause. Click HERE for more info. 

Don't forget to check out our used gear section. Lots of cool used rods and reels that are in need of new owners. Check it out HERE

Thanks for the support! We've been busy at both shops with classes and events, while trying to find time to get out and fish. We'll leave you with a quick PRODUCT REVIEW on the Echo Shadow X. Our favorite tightline nymphing rod by far. Follow link below.