January 28th, 2020

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January 28th, 2020

Trout and Steel have been great lately, and the weather has been very cooperative. No huge rain storms recently have allowed the water to reside, and stabilize nicely. We actually got a good amount of melt last week, and some of the water temps really dropped because of it. Still, fishing has been good, with plenty of solid outings. Steelhead are on the move, and are starting to fan gravel in areas, which is very early. If the weather stays the same, we could see a very early arrival of the Spring fish, which are just starting to show up. This whole thing could be wrapped up by March, although it sounds like there is an incoming blast or arctic air that could prolong the Spring run. Who knows what will happen. 

Things have been good though, we're enjoying the mild weather without any brutally cold days. The last few times out, we haven't had to deal with any ice forming on our guides, a rare thing in late January. 

Steelhead have been taken on stoneflies, pink eggs, hexes, and alevin. Pink and lavender glo bugs or nukes always seem to work nicely when the water is at it's coldest. Stuff like this:

Stoneflies and hexes are always in play, and matched with an egg, it's more about getting them in front of a willing fish. Might take all day, might take 5 minutes. 


Next week in GR we've got Matt Grajewski (@adaptivefly), tying some predatory stuff. Another one you wont want to miss! Full class lineup HERE

Here's a quick tying video for the Squirmy Alevin. Straight up killer pattern for late winter early spring. Click HERE for a material list, and to order the ingredients. 

We got new Nomad Anglers hats in this week for both shops this week, limited supply get yours while they last!


Thanks for the support, have a great weekend!