March Madness

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March Madness

Based on the calendar, The Spring run is "here". But in general, we are still waiting on the big pulse of chrome fish. Most of the rivers have plenty of steelhead, but mainly just the holdovers from the fall. We are banking on the upcoming rain this week, paired with the warm weather to draw in more fish from the lake. The forecast is absurdly warm, so that will only help things along. 

Not to say there are no chrome fish around, there certainly are. But from what we've heard, most rivers are still lacking the big spring push everyone so anxiously awaits all winter. Good thing is, they have to come in eventually. And with this upcoming shot of rain, they will probably arrive in the next couple weeks. 

We've got some serious heat and sunshine happening right now, and it feels great. It's likely we are not done with winter, and I certainly don't want to jinx it, but enjoy it while it lasts! This weekend will be an awesome time to get out, and the shops are loaded with everything you'll need to get the job done. 

Menu items: 

Small Stones


Rabbit Hex

Flash Eggs

Squirmy Alvein

Trout have been really good. Small stoneflies, caddis, and frenchies have been the ticket to ride. Find slow, deep water adjacent to quicker flows and you can really lay into them, like Drew did last weekend:


Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet for the win!

We have a Euro Nymphing Crash Course coming up Sunday March 22nd from 12-4 at our Grand Rapids shop. The course will cover all the basics of euronymphing from rigging to flies, the second half will be a fly tying class. Cost is $25 and space is limited so be sure to call ahead or email to reserve your spot! We also have some fly fishing 101 and fly tying 201 classes coming up, check the full schedule HERE

The Midwest Fly Fishing Show is next weekend, March 14th and 15th. The Grand Rapids Ultimate Sport show is after that, March 19th - 22nd.

Keep in mind, we do take in USED GEAR for shop credit. This is a great way to upgrade your gear as we come into the prime season. We are not so interested in 50 year old bamboo rods and clicker reels, but anything that in decent shape and fairly recent, we are more than happy to look at and trade in. Take a look at our used gear selection HERE and think about trading in that old rod you haven't used in 10 years. 

Lastly, another new steelhead rod to consider is the Echo OHS (One Handed Spey). It's a nice addition to Echo's lineup, and an absolutely perfect fit for our Steelhead fisheries. Click HERE for a full review and more details and to purchase one. 

Thanks for the support! See you out there for sure!