January 29, 2019 - Buried

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January 29, 2019 - Buried

We are officially buried in snow. There is currently about 12 inches on the ground in Grand Rapids, with another few inches throughout the day, and more tomorrow. Wind chills tomorrow are going to be in the -30 range. Should be interesting. This was the river on Sunday afternoon.

This was my back deck this morning. Yes, I forgot to bring in our furniture...

Our governor has declared a state of emergency this morning, anticipating the cold weather tomorrow. This weekend looks to be fairly warm, with temps in the upper 30s and 40s and rain. Fly tying is about all we will be doing.

We did a little construction work in the GR shop, and added two walls for tying materials. We are loaded up, with more incoming. 

Here are a few Step by Step fly recipes. Both are great general purpose Steelhead nymphs that work all year. 

Cross-Dresser Variant     SBS HERE

Supinski's Steelhead Soft Hackle SBS HERE

Both are really easy, and great for filling Spring boxes.

Keep an eye on classes, since we are liable to reschedule them with the upcoming weather. Our classes for tomorrow are cancelled, and will reschedule for a different date. 


We also added dates for our Fly Fishing 101 Class. This is a FREE crash course on fly fishing. We cover basic rigging, rod & reel selection, leader and tippet selection, gear overview, insect life cycles, and casting. PLEASE RSVP! Dates are as follows:

East Lansing Dates:

April 20th (Saturday) 10am-12pm 
May 1st (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
May 11th (Saturday) 10am-12pm
May 15th (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
May 29th (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
June 8th (Saturday) 10am-12pm
June 19th (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
June 29th (Saturday) 10am-12pm

 Grand Rapids Dates:

April 13th (Saturday) 10am-12pm
April 17th (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
April 24th (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
May 8th (Wednesday) 6pm-8pm
May 18th (Saturday) 10am-12pm
June 15th (Saturday) 10am-12pm

 Good luck if you get out! Be safe!