April 18, 2022

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April 18, 2022

Wow what a way to start a week... Michigan never fails to surprise us at the shop, from 60 degrees to 30 degrees with snow really makes us feel spring will never come. BUT it looks like this coming weekend is going to be a hot one in the 70s, it can only seem like the trout fishing and the tail end of the steelhead will be awesome this weekend. All trout anglers get ready whether you fish streamers, dry flies, or nymphs the fish are going to be chowing down this weekend. After being out on the water all weekend and being able to finally see the bottoms of the rivers again from all the rain it should be very productive moving later into the week and into next week.

Hot Flies for dry fly guys and gals are going to be Blue winged olives in size 18-20 and stone flies sizes 14-16, there was awesome bug life happening yesterday into the later hours going to dusk.

Hot Flies for streamers are going to be anything in the natural color group like olives, blacks, browns and white, have a large size variety from 2 inches all the up to 6 inches.

Hot Flies for nymphing are going to be stone fly nymphs, caddis, and euro eggs in sizes 12-18, trout are still keyed in on the egg bite, but with a lot of bug life starting to heat up have the option to switch so insect style nymphs. 

Oh steelhead how we are going to miss you till fall, as the weather starts to heat up the steelhead will start to disappear from our rivers till fall. There is still time to get your last minute steelhead fix in before they go away. Hot flies to have in the box are going to be your standard eggs in colors orange and peach. If your going to try one last time to get one on the swing have small nymph patterns, such as Hubbard's Flash Fry and the BTS. 

Our Free Fly Fishing 101 Class Schedule for the spring and summer is coming together and classes are filling up. If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to fly fish check out the schedule and call or email to RSVP. 

Like always Stay Safe and Good Luck out there

- Christian Gradowski