April 26, 2022

Grand Rapids Fishing Report, Michigan Trout Fishing Report, Pere Marquette River Fishing Report -

April 26, 2022

Wow what a change of pace this weekend! Weather in the 80s was a nice change to the very cold and wet spring we have had to deal with this year. Fishing this weekend was awesome for us at the shop, The Nomad Anglers crew was able to slip away up north to chase some fish on streamers, oh boy was it a blast. We were moving fishing all day on streamers from 3 inches all the way to 8 inches and were lucky enough to hook a few. Most of the luck came from streamers that matched the bottom of the river, very natural and very dull colors, colors like olive, tan, tan and brown, and black and olive.

There was some bugs flying around landing here and there but no fish really keyed in on the bugs, their heads stayed down all day. Dont worry though Dry Fly guys and gals they are coming, some parts up north are some fish keyed in on Stone Flies and Blue Wing olives. Here at the shop we have heard rumors of some hennies flying around and some fish showing their heads to them but not a ton.

This time of year some rivers have their hatches go before other, and some of those rivers will run 2-3 weeks late, so don't worry if you didn't get out this weekend theres still tons of time to get your dry fly on. We did have some friends of the shop spend the weekend euro nymphing and oh boy did they catch them this weekend. They were throwing euro eggs and sexy waltz in a wide range of colors but over all natural colors were hot all weekend. With all that get after it this week and weekend, things are finally heating up and some of the best trout fishing is about to start popping off.  

Also big news coming this weekend, Its trout opener in the state of Michigan. So get out there enjoy what awesome trout fishing Michigan has to offer, all we ask here at Nomad Anglers is when you're out there this weekend and weekends to come, respect the fish, the water and the natural resource that is our Michigan rivers.


Like Always be safe and good luck out there.

-Christian Gradowski