April 3rd, 2019 | Mud Season

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April 3rd, 2019 | Mud Season

Finally, things have settled down and fishing has been excellent lately. Water is good, still on the cold side, but heating up daily with the sunshine and warm air. This weekend is supposed to be very nice, which will undoubtedly ramp up the steelhead and trout fishing. 

Steelhead numbers are strong pretty much everywhere. They are spawning in most places, and some have already found drop back fish. They seem to be on average, larger than previous years. Consider running 10lb or even 12lb fluoro rather than the standard 8lb, especially when the water becomes warmer, they can really take you for a ride. Your odds of landing the fish goes up, and you're not as likely to leave flies stuck in their mouth after a break-off. 

Put an egg pattern and a nymph in the right spot and you will be fine. Presentation trumps pattern every single time. Right now it can be hard to find fish that haven't been pressured, so being stealthy, and occasionally resting the water can be beneficial. Check out our Steelhead Set Up Page for some pointers on rigging methods for steelhead. 

Our good friend Kris got this stud with the boys from the PM lodge. Well done!

Good friend and talented angler Jim got this TRUE 20 pounder last week. UNBELIEVABLE fish, well done Jimmy. 


The fellas from Founders Brewing had fun on their day off. #double

Tyson landed a pile of steelhead with the help of his dog Rio. 

Trout bite has been solid. Much like the fall, the trout are actively feeding behind the steelhead spawners, eating drifting eggs, caddis, stoneflies, and any miscellaneous nymphs that get dislodged when the steelhead make their beds. 


There have been some good dry fly days too, on windy days especially when the adult stoneflies get blown into the water. Bring a little dry fly rod next time in case you see trout feeding up top. Check out the newly redesigned Orvis Clearwater lineup if you are looking for a new Dry Fly rod at an affordable price, the 7'6" 3wt is a perfect rod for chasing these first rising trout of the season on smaller streams. 


Streamer season is really picking up momentum too. Lots of water opening up, and this is a great way to lock into a giant trout, but often demands an entire day of focused fishing. If conditions are suitable, it can usually make for a fun day of intense chases and maybe a couple nice fish. 

We have been really impressed with the AIRFLO Streamer Max Short lines for streamer fishing. They have an aggressive front taper that is great for roll casting big streamers. Pick one up today for your next streamer pull, you wont be disappointed. 

Good luck if you get out! Feels good to fish when it's not below 20 degrees. Stop in the shops and get geared up for the season. Get out and enjoy it! Go Green!