August 4th, 2023

August 4th, 2023

Short and sweet this week. Warm weather continued to dominate the forecast this week, but luckily fairly cool nights have kept things in check, and the summer fishing continues to be fairly consistent. 

Top water has been the name of the game for bass on the Grand River. Gurglers, poppers, mr. wiggly's, etc. If its on top its been good. We just got a load of Zudbubblers in this week, swing by the shop to pick some up and tie up a few for yourself if you're into that. 

Nymphing for trout in the morning has been producing some good fish before the sun takes over and water heats up. And hoppers continue to find a few willing participants for those who are persistent. (Or try both at the same time!)

We have some rain in next weeks forecast which should help bring temps down a bit and hopefully river levels up as things have been quite low as of late. 

Good luck out there this weekend. Let us know how you do!