December 18, 2018 - MERRY FISHMAS !

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December 18, 2018 - MERRY FISHMAS !

Santa is a steelheading machine! He has a gentle touch, stealthy approach, and is immune to cold weather. An absolute BEAST on the river!


Steelheading has improved over the last week. The mild temps and sunshine have increased fish metabolism, and their willingness to cooperate. Still finding them in the classic winter spots, holding tight to wood and structure. Bright eggs paired with a washed out color (clown egg & pale glo bug) is a good setup. Also having some action on hexes, stones, and wiggler type buggy stuff. 

Trout bite has been good, on more "trout" sized patterns. Size 12 and 14 hares ears, pheasant tails, scuds, and the occasional egg have been putting trout in the net. 

Overall, the water is low and clear again. Best times to make it happen in these conditions are first thing in the morning, and in the evenings. Midday periods can be hard because the fish feel so exposed, typically pushing them right against the wood, making it hard to present to them effectively. Yes, you can get them in the middle of the day, but from what we've seen, it's these two periods that are most productive. Remember to use light tippet, small amounts of weight, appropriate sized floats, and be stealthy like Santa. 

We are exactly ONE WEEK away from Christmas. To all the procrastinators out there, YOU ARE IN LUCK! We are open late all week, and over the weekend, to give you an opportunity to squeeze in some last minute shopping!

Tuesday through Saturday 10am - 8pm
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Monday (Xmas Eve) 9am - 2pm
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Wednesday 10am - 6pm (back to normal hours)

Here are some awesome gifts ideas:

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Both shops are stocked with miscellaneous gifts for the angler in your life. For the fly tyer in your life, the almighty GIFT CARD is the way to go. Often times it's hard to shop fly tying materials since the selection is so vast, so a gift card is a good route to take. But if you want to give something more "tangible" we can help gather a selection of popular materials that are commonly used. If you're completely clueless on gift ideas, stop in and we will help make sense of everything!

Fishing will continue to be productive as long as the weather cooperates. Sounds like it might get cold again in January and February? Either way, fly tying fills the void when the rivers are locked up with ice. Remember to check our class schedule to kill the winter blues. 

Thanks again for the support at the shops! Have a great holiday season, and a Merry Fishmas!