December 5th, 2019 | Ride the Wave

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December 5th, 2019 | Ride the Wave

Lots of water lately. It seems to be the norm this year. Most rivers are high from all the rain the past week but are dropping into shape nicely. Also had a wild snow squall over the weekend that wasn't exactly predicted, and dumped a huge amount of wet, heavy snow. So much so, that tons of trees and limbs were folded right into the rivers. So a lot of the spots you're familiar with may have been affected. Keep it in mind if you're planning on floating this weekend, and definitely bring a saw. 


Steelhead are out there. It's been challenging with the high cold water. It certainly hasn't been on fire, but there's always a shot at a fish. But winter steelheading is supposed to be hard, and that's why we like it. 

If anything, it's safe to say the steelhead have been moving around a lot. With the rivers being so high, they have been hard to locate recently. Lot's of movement anytime we get a big shot of water like this. There one day, gone the next. 

Trout have been good too. Again, mainly on small nymphs. Find the slower deeper stuff, get some bugs drifting on the bottom, and you should find fish. Scuds, stoneflies, small caddis larvae, copper johns, etc. Streamers are good as well, like this one from the Muskegon.

Also, big shout out to our good buddy Cody J, from Grand Rapids. He recently went to Wisco and found an absolute giant brown trout. On the good ol reliable Lamson Liquid. 25lbs! Unbelievable fish, well done Cody! 

Thanks for the support lately! See you out there.