August 13th, 2019 | Foam Season

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August 13th, 2019 | Foam Season

Despite the low water and hot temperatures, fishing has been solid. Getting plenty of trout on hoppers, ants, and nymphs. A big foam hopper twitched along the bank can yield some surprising results. By far, the most important aspect of this approach is stealth. With the water the way it is, you must keep a low profile. Wade quietly and slowly. Keep a very long distance between you and your target. The longer drift you make, the better. 

Foam hoppers in tan and yellow are safe bets. A small beadhead nymph dropper can pick up some fish too. Ant patterns are often overlooked, I think because they aren't as easy to fish as a big fluffy grasshopper. Ants are way more common on the water than a hopper, and trout seem to really like the taste of them. Pretty soon we will start to see massive emergences of flying ants, which can be amazing. Going forward, make sure to have some flying ant patterns with you, because this can be the "main event" in August. Usually these flights happen in the afternoons, and can go into the evening. Many years ago, a Tigers game was postponed for a few hours because the flying ants were so thick. It's very hard to hit, so you're better off being prepared than trying to predict it. 


Nymphing will almost always produce fish. Some days are better than others, but in general, you simply cannot go wrong fishing subsurface. Focus on the quick, choppy water that is highly oxygenated, and funnels food to the fish. Small pheasant tails, caddis pupa, baetis, and rubber legged stones are good choices. 


Fishing in the dark with foam mice is at peak right now. The thrill of rolling a large trout at night is an unforgettable experience. 6 to 8wt rods are preferred, with short and stout leaders. 

Smallmouth season is on autopilot, with willing fish spread out throughout the river. Some days have been harder than others, but in general, things have been rolling right along. Still the most productive technique has been small baitfish patterns retrieved on intermediate or floating lines. Poppers and foam bugs on the surface are also productive. 

Lots of stillwater options too. Bass, carp, pike, bluegill, etc are a great way to spend a few afternoon hours. 

Some really cool product from Lamson Waterworks. The hugely popular Guru and Litespeed series, with new colors.

Get out and enjoy it! Thanks for the support!