September 6, 2018 - Hello Fall, We Have Missed You

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September 6, 2018 - Hello Fall, We Have Missed You

Although it's not officially gone, this Summer was overall pretty awesome. Trout were great before the dry spell, and smallmouth carried us through the rest. Now we are prepping for Autumn, and all it's splendor. Crisp mornings, vibrant colors, and leaping chrome. 

Sounds like there are some King Salmon at 6th Street, as well as a few Steelhead. Doesn't sound like the Coho swarm has arrived yet, but I'm sure they are weeks, if not days out. 

Trout fishing has been great lately from all the rain, primarily with streamers. Wade with caution however, since many of the rivers are extremely high, if not flooded from the recent rains. Dry fly fishing and nymphing should be postponed until water comes back to a normal level.

We have been getting a lot of calls about whether the Rogue is wadeable. Currently, it is basically flooded at 1500cfs. It's so high in fact, they have temporarily banned canoes and kayaks from entering the river to prevent any mishaps. We normally tell people the Rogue isn't wadeable until it's at or below 450cfs. For the Grand, it's "safe" at about 2200cfs.

On the smallmouth front, things have been solid. Streamer bite has been great, as well as the top water bite in the evenings. Streamer bite should last into October. Fall is a great time for Smallmouth. 

Steelies should be hitting the dam very soon, then shortly thereafter all the tributaries upstream. The recent rains have been much anticipated, and will really help to provide a lengthened season. We are on the front edge of some really spectacular fishing. Stop in and we will help with any questions.