January 11 2023

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January 11 2023

Fishing Report from a couple recent guide trips on local Grand Rapids waters. 

Steelhead fishing is really starting to pick up, with stable weather, temps, and water levels up a bit, steelhead have been happy. This time of year can be very hard to find fish but once you do usually they’ll eat, just have to get the right pattern in front of their face. Get out and take advantage of the mild winter we are having, there are plenty of fish around!

We have been having success running smaller stones and rag eggs lately. Stones in 10s and 12s, and rag eggs in a variety of sizes have been productive. Bigger eggs have been productive in the darker water, as water levels drop focus on smaller more natural colors.

Most fish have been coming out of winter holding water lately. Despite warmer than normal air temperatures, water temps are still pretty low. We have been finding a few in transition water (faster shallower water between holes), but holding water has been most productive. Focus on tail outs of a run, slow slack pools, and travel lanes. Weather and time of day is always a factor, but persistence pays. 

Trout fishing has been alright as well. Focus on the winter water and slow down your presentation. Euro eggs and pats rubber legs have been the go to flies. 

We have some great events on the calendar this month. Come join us and tie some flies at Brews and Bugs Thursday January 12th from 5-7pm

BREWS & BUGS - LOCAL LEGENDS W/  Brandon Terrien January 12th 5-7pm
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Advanced Fly Fishing Tactics w/ Mangled Fly (Jon Ray and Ed McCoy) 
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Check out our Class Schedule for the full winter class list. 

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Like Always Good Luck and Have Fun

- Christian Gradowski