February 2nd 2023

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February 2nd 2023

Steelhead Fishing Report 

Over the past week we have seen two different types of water conditions, the water before sunday was getting low and clear again with flows around 230 cfs and dropping. We were running light leaders 10lbs - 8lbs just depending on the water that day and the flies we are running were very small natural patterns to get bites (peach, light pink, light orange regular eggs and rag eggs). But as the week went on rain started hitting the ground bringing up the water levels to around 350 cfs and climbing due to the rain I am watching come down as I write this report.

Yesterday was a bit of a grind, when my client and I first got to the river we both had the same idea that the darker brown water would make it a chartreuse type of day but we were both wrong. As we worked down the river hitting two holes and a run that I would place pretty high on the list of holes I have a lot of success running drifts through. With no bobbers down in those areas, I switched up the rig very quick, sorting through colors, sizes, nymphs, eggs, rag eggs, and krystal eggs to figure out the bite. Finally we got to one of my absolute favorite clear water egg fly... The Nuke Egg, typically fish Nukes in very natural colors but I had some orange egg with a chartreuse veil encompassing the orange, second drift BOOM double stripped buck hammered it sending my client near close to the backing! So if you are heading out this weekend and wondering what to throw, think small but bright when going after these late winter steelhead. 

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Like Always Good Luck and Have Fun

- Christian Gradowski