July 27th 2023

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July 27th 2023

Trout fishing has become a morning and night deal with how hot the days are again, be on the look out for water temps becoming unsafe to fish for trout this weekend. if you do plan on going fishing mice at night is the name of the game right now.

Over the weekend shop guide Christian Gradowski took a trip with Ed Mccoy up north and had some absolutely awesome fishing! He was frogging Ed's new fishing frog/mouse fly the amphibious assualt and proved the pattern is very effective in catching trout once the lights go out!


If you head out in the morning get those hoppers tied on and start beating the heck out of the wood and grass near the bank. As the sun comes up fish get wary and tuck under cover. We recommend throwing hoppers in the 14 to 10 size range, and don't be scared to change colors till you find what they are eating. 

If the water temps get to hot in your area to fish trout don't worry the Smallmouth bass are always willing to bite! The Smallmouth game has been on fire still with tons of fish being caught on the surface with poppers and Mr. wigglys. Make sure you are fishing the grass and the sand edges next to the grass when that sun gets high, a lot of fish this time of the year sneak into those weed beds to hide from that high sun. Just make sure you fish over those weed mats a couple times, it has been taking a few casts over to get those fish to react and jump up to the fly. 


There are a few open dates in the coming weeks for local Smallmouth Bass trips. Call the shop (616)-805-4393 for available dates!