June 2nd 2023

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June 2nd 2023

Well the heat wave is still here, water levels are way down and water temps are on the rise. We are in need of some rain ASAP!!! Where does that put us with bug hatches right now? With the high temps things are happening late, and hatches are going to go quick. Hopefully next week's cooler temps will put the brakes on a bit. 

For the most part Grey Drakes are still the main bug popping off during that dusk time period and there are trout still looking up to eat those bugs. Plenty of sulphurs on the Muskegon as well. Brown Drakes are around further north, and with the warm weather we will be seeing Hex in no time. 

All the trips I have been running for bugs has been early morning targeting those bugs that are hatching during that morning cool before the sun gets above those trees because once the suns up the fish are shut off and go into hiding. For this weekend I would do one of two things, One being just focus on the morning bite being there before first light has been the ticket. Now number two just go do some bass fishing till this weather figures out what it wants to do, Smallies and largies have been eating top water like crazy.

For the bass fishing right now its been an all top water game out there right now. On Monday I was able to sneak off and do some fishing of my own and let me tell you it was lights out on top water. This time of the year before it gets too hot and bass become a morning only thing the mid day top water bite becomes a lot of fun around here for Large Mouth and Small Mouth. Everything I have been using is super natural to fit along with the low and clear water we have right now, So get those poppers and deer hair frogs out and go have your self a day! 


Guide Trips for bass..

I am running 6 hour bass trips for $400 right now, if anyone one is interested in these trips feel free to reach out to me via my cell (248-875-4143) or my email Christian@nomadanglers.com

Have a great weekend everyone and Good luck out there! 

-Christian Gradowski