June 21st 2023

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June 21st 2023

Warm weather has returned, and so have the Bugs. After things were put on hold a bit last week with the cold weather, we are back on track with this weeks warmer temps. Hex are going strong on rivers across the state. 

If you plan to head out this weekend to get in on the action make sure you are stocked up on heavy leaders and big bugs. Blind fishing Isos has been great lately as well, especially in last weeks cooler weather. But don't overlook this bug as you wait for the big ones in the evening. 

For all you Bass lovers its been so much fun right now with the top water bite being the key to all of our bites right now. My guide program right now is easy and simple.. Throw a popper to the grass, throw a popper over the deep hole, and last but not least throw a popper at the wood pile... I think you get the point, the popper bite is taking a cake right now. When times get tough out there we dive deep into the dark scary holes and throw craw fish patterns bouncing off the bottom, those really high sun days we have had to slow way down and get deep to get bites! 

Guide Trips for bass..

I am running 6 hour bass trips for $400 right now, if anyone one is interested in these trips feel free to reach out to me via my cell (248-875-4143) or my email Christian@nomadanglers.com

Have a great weekend everyone and Good luck out there! 

-Christian Gradowski