June 26, 2018 - Hex Continues

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June 26, 2018 - Hex Continues

Fishing in Northern Michigan was excellent last weekend. The weather cooperated for the most part as did the bugs. Seems like people found Hex just about anywhere they fished. The Au Sable fished well our first night, the river was crowded but I'm happy to report that everyone we ran into that night was courteous, and once we found some open water we found a few fish, although it took us a minute to get them to cooperate.

The weather turned a bit on Saturday, but we braved the drizzle and by a stroke of luck the rain quit just before the magic hour and we had bugs and plenty of rising fish. This one ate a blind cast before the bugs even hit the water!

After the spinner fall we had fish sipping for several hours as we floated out. These fish can be tough, but they are always rewarding. This one was a great way to cap off a fun night. 

Hex fishing should continue to go strong through the weekend. The forecast calls for some hot days and warm nights which is a recipe for big spinner falls and long sleepless nights. Get out there and enjoy it while it lasts, and please treat fellow anglers with respect, there are more than enough fish for all of us!

Locally the Rogue has been fishing great. Caddis and attractor nymphs have been fishing well during the day. Olives are a great choice on cloudy, overcast days, and there are still some Cahills hanging around.