March 29th 2023

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March 29th 2023

Well it was spring weather for a short while but as I am writing this report it’s snowing. But with all this change where does it put us in the steelhead run… Well from everything I have seen down town Grand Rapids and on the Rogue we are right in the peak of the run. With the rain in the forecast on Friday, rivers will once again be on the rise which could bring us another push of fresh fish. So far this spring the run has been a lot of fun personally and with clients we have done very well this year! The Grand is flowing at 8,100cfs right which is absolutely ripping water, but for the most parts all rivers in the state are ripping right now, with all this rain snow mix its kept our rivers high and dirty! 

If you are looking to head out here are my key guide choice flies to have ready! First for eggs - Rags and nukes are a must have with dirty water. The eggs provide a bigger profile in the blown out water. For nymphs - I’m a true believer in the stones and fry patterns, black and golden stones have kept my net filled with fish all year. Along with fry patterns becoming very productive just before this hard rain hit us. 

Trout fishing has been great in the high water, especially up on our Northern Rivers. There are a huge number of browns stacked behind steelhead beds. With free food flowing down stream from the gravel beds those trout know where to go and get a free meal till they are too fat to swim. Go to patterns for trout right now are standard mcflyfoam egg and fry patterns, those trout are no stranger to what fills the water this time of the year! So if your heading out any time soon go find some gravel and fish behind it, I will bet any money there’s some browns sneaking around eating those eggs! 

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Guide Trips

As the steelhead start going back to the lake it is about the time Smallmouth and Trout fishing with streamers start to really pick up! Pre Spawn Smallies are some of the most fun all year, the feeding window for Smallies is starting to heat up as the days get warmer. So if you are interested in getting out there contact me, I have a couple Small Mouth bass days open!!!

For local trout fishing the streamer bite is going to start getting really hot once those eggs are out of the system. I only have a few April days left for trout so if interested contact me. 

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Cell - (248) 875-4143

Like always have fun and good luck. 
- Christian Gradowski