October 24, 2018 - Fly Fishing Report

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October 24, 2018 - Fly Fishing Report

Our steelhead season is rolling right along here in West Michigan. Lots of fish around, as well as some lingering salmon. All methods are in play right now, keeping us busy at the shops and on the water. 

Fishing has become tougher by the day however, due to dropping and clearing water. Steelhead become quite wary in low and clear water, especially on bright days with lots of angling pressure. Some days they can seem untouchable. Swinging can actually be a fairly productive method, simply because you can position yourself way upstream from the hole and lessen your chances of spooking fish. Compare this to stomping up to a spot, roll casting large bright indicators, weights, and fluorescent fly lines. They can undoubtedly see (and feel) all this activity, which can put them on high alert. Sometimes standing way upstream from that run, and swinging a sparsely tied swing fly can be the solution, much like a soft hackle swung though a riffle for trout.

That's not to say indicators won't work. Just the opposite. But you have to adjust your tactics a bit. Lighter tippets, smaller floats, sensible flies, LONG drifts, and a stealthy approach can make all the difference. 

But if you're on bigger water, you can get away with heavier tackle.

Things have been great lately and will only get better. We've got some rain coming this weekend which will help move things along. THANKS for all the support at the shop. See you out there!