October 11, 2018 - October Pivot

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October 11, 2018 - October Pivot

As you probably know by now, our salmon season was fantastic this year. Lots of huge fish were caught, many more were lost. The strength of these fish will never cease to amaze. 



The King Salmon are a mainstay of our fishery. They provide an opportunity for anglers of all skill levels to encounter some truly massive fish. Resident trout also feed heavily on their eggs, giving them a protein boost to sustain them through the winter.  Aside from that, they bring in huge amounts of business to communities that rely on that income year to year. It can be chaotic however!

Overall, the salmon run is past peak, and starting to dwindle. Thus, we are pivoting to STEELHEAD. Things are starting to improve, and fish are starting to come inland. The weather has been absolutely perfect, with cool temps and steady rain. Of the fish we have seen so far, they seem to be healthy and huge. 

These fish are what we live for. Their elusiveness, beauty, and strength is what keeps us ticking. Hooking one of these things on a long cold day is ELECTRIC. We are convinced the physical sensation of a hookup is mildly addicting. Swing or bobber, they never disappoint. 

#GVSU Swing Team 

Trout fishing has been great too. Streamers and eggs are the main event, with some tiny (sz22) Blue Wing Olives and October Caddis mixed in. With all this rain, the streamer bite will be on fire this weekend. 

Other than the fishing, the scenery in October makes it all worth it. Colors are peaking statewide, making it easy to spend an entire day on the river. 

Stop in the shop, get the low down, hit the water. See you out there.