November 14th 2022

Grand Rapids Fishing Report, Michigan King Salmon Fishing Report, Michigan Steelhead Fishing Report, Pere Marquette River Fishing Report, Rogue River Fishing Report -

November 14th 2022

Just a Quick Little Steelhead And Brown Trout Fishing Report to give you all an idea of whats going on out on the water! Waters getting low and so are the temps, with the huge drop in temperature so quick it has slowed down the fishing, but dont worry it should pick up once the temps stable out and stay cold. If you are headed out for trout, try streamers in the 3-5 inch, in colors like black, yellow, and purple. If you want to nymph we were throwing euro style eggs, sexy waltz, and mid tags. Steelhead fishing is on the up and up, the Steelhead have moved heavy into the rivers and the tributaries. Steelhead are not as effected by this random cold front we got, so dont be scared to get out there right now to chase them. If you are indy fishing we highly recommend our ( Pat's Rubbers ), Stone Flies and if you want a mix of everything check out our Bakers Doz Steelhead flies or Stop on in our store we will help you get geared up. If you are Swing fishing for Steelhead its all about them sculpin patterns and leech patterns right now!  Our Swing Fly 6 Pack is the best assortment of swing flies to have on you at all times.    

UPCOMING EVENTS - We are hosting Brews & Bugs again! Make sure you sign up for upcoming Brews & Bugs Events, The next one is December 8th with Justin Wegner, if you have ever been in our Grand Rapids Location you have meet Justin. He's a very good Fly Tier and he's teaching a Fly Tying Class all about grand rapids Trout and Steelhead Flies! So Sign up today before his class is full! (CLICK HERE TO BUY A TICKET) 

Along with Brews & Bugs w/ Justin Wegner on December 8th will also have - 

Brews & Bugs: December 15th 5-7pm 

Matt Grajewski Tying Muskie Flies (Click Here to Buy a Ticket) 

Brews & Bugs:
January 12th 5-7pm 

Brendan Terrien Tying Dry Flies (Click Here to Buy a Ticket)

Brews & Bugs:
January 26th 5-7pm 

Drew Rosema Tying Trout Spey Flies (Click Here to Buy a Ticket)

Brews & Bugs:
February 9th 5-7pm 

Christian Gradowski Tying XL Trout Streamers  (Click Here to Buy a Ticket)

Brews & Bugs:
February 23rd 5-7pm 

John Sheets & Lance Nelson Tying Au Sable Dry Flies  (Click Here to Buy a Ticket)