The Depths of Winter

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The Depths of Winter

While the darkest days of winter may be behind us, the coldest days have just arrived. Fishing was decent in the weeks leading up to this cold snap. The bite was getting a little tough from day to day but the persistent angler could still find a few fish a day. 

Many of us turn to euro nymphing when the fishing gets tough in the winter. The light gear, and heavy flies allow for stealthy presentations to cold stubborn fish. We had several good days of trout fishing before the weather took a turn. 

Unfortunately it seems that we wont be fishing any time soon. With next weeks temperatures plummeting into the low teens with single digit overnight lows, I expect most rivers to develop significant shelf ice which will put the kibosh on fly fishing for a bit. 

Many of us will be turning to the vise in this frigid time thinking of warmer days to come and stockpiling our boxes. We have been hard at work expanding our selection of tying materials for all you dedicated tiers. The hard part has been getting the materials in the shop. Covid has caused many problems with supply chains. Among the challenges are the availability of tying materials, particularly natural products and hooks. Hopefully this improves in the coming month or so, but until then we will keep ordering and crossing our fingers that things show up. We have another big shipment from Hareline coming on Friday which will fill many of the holes on the walls. We are expecting an order from Wapsi, and Nature's Spirit early next week.

Check out our Fly Tying Tutorials Page if you need some tying inspiration in the weeks to come. We have a bunch of simple, effective patterns to get the creative juices flowing.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updates when new videos are posted. We plan to release a bunch of new videos in the coming weeks so stay tuned. 

Until then, stay warm, stay safe, and keep tying!