January 23, 2019 - The Void

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January 23, 2019 - The Void

Welcome to the void. Our weather pattern is looking pretty dismal, with no relief from the Artic air masses that keep lashing the Midwest. Thus, we haven't been fishing much at all, simply because it's so frigid. Nobody really is. Sounds like there are still some fish at sixth street dam, but with the recent precipitation, it's a slushy mess, making it somewhat difficult. There's another sizable storm rolling in tomorrow, bringing with it ~5" of snow in GR. And the weekend temps are going to be in the teens, and single digits over night. That pattern will persist throughout next week.

8 day forecast:

Temp outlook for Jan 30-Feb 5. See that dark blue blob hanging over the Midwest? That means it's going to be painfully cold. 

In between shoveling snow and mending burst pipes, we will be laying low and tying flies. 



Just a heads up, the Kevin Feenstra class at Schmoz Brewery tonight is SOLD OUT. We have some upcoming classes, please RSVP if interested.

Grand Rapids:

Jan 30 6pm Smallmouth Patterns - Nomad Staff $20

Feb 6 6pm Steelhead Favorites - Kodie Kowitz (@freshwaterwestcoast) $20

Feb 13 6pm Steelhead Swingers - Drew Rosema (@drewrosema) $20

Feb 20 6pm Spring Steel Essentials - Kyle Hartman (@khartman33) $20

Feb 27 7pm Streamer Techniques and Fly Design with Matt Grajewski at Rockford Brewing. This is a fundraiser event for the Northview Fly Squad. Find more info on this event HERE.

 East Lansing:

Jan 23 6pm Au Sable and Upper Manistee Patterns - Nomad Staff $20

Jan 30 6pm Deer Hair Techniques - Nomad Staff $20

Feb 6 6pm Egg and Caddis Patterns - Nomad Staff $20

Feb 13 6pm Trout Attractor Patterns - Nomad Staff $20

Feb 20 6pm Steelhead Swing Flies - Nomad Staff $20

Feb 27th Articulated Streamers - Nomad Stafff $20

Check out a full lineup of our FREE Fly Fishing 101 classes and other events HERE.

Curious about tying flies with UV resins? Hesitant to take the plunge? Confused by all the different types and their uses? Here's a quick rundown of the Loon UV resin family. Check it out HERE

We got a nice shot of Keough Hen Saddles the other day. They are PRIME for feathered changers, nymphs, and whatever else. Order HERE 


Thanks for the support at the shops!