November 13, 2018 - Winter Creepin'

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November 13, 2018 - Winter Creepin'

It seems we have completely skipped Fall, and have transitioned into total Winter mode. Steelhead fishing has been getting progressively more difficult over the last week. Many of our rivers have temped in the upper 30's, and are dropping quickly. We look forward to November all year, as it's often regarded as the "peak" month for Fall Steelhead. Although things have been challenging, when you finally get one, it feels so much more rewarding somehow. 

Tonight is supposed to get down to 19 degrees. Pretty darn cold, even for mid November. From what we've heard, this past weekend was overall, quite unproductive. Yea, some fish were caught here and there, but NOTHING to what mid November normally looks like. Ten days ago, we had temps hovering in the 50's, and lows in the 40's at night. This week, we are barely getting over the freezing mark during the day. So yea, it's been cold. The sudden temp drop has slowed the bite, but hasn't killed it entirely.

There is some warm weather on the horizon however. There are plenty of fish in the rivers, so that warm up will help to (hopefully) turn things around. Of the fish we have been getting, most have been on eggs in standard Autumn colors: Oregon Cheese, Early Girl, Apricot, and Cream. We've hit some fish on hexes as well.

When it's this cold, staying comfortable is the objective. The key to this, is staying DRY. If you can stay dry, and prevent moisture and perspiration from sitting next to your skin, it's honestly not too bad. It can actually be quite refreshing. As Rob so eloquently describes it, fishing in the cold "is like a reverse sauna..." For some reason, this statement has gotten me through some brutally cold days. To supplement this mental barrier, here are some really nice cold weather items we've got at the shops:

Simms Midstream Insulated Pant:

These are like snow pants on steroids. A reinforced, durable, articulated insulatory layer designed to be worn under your waders. A velcro ankle cuff prevents them from riding up the leg. Great stuff. ($199.95)

Patagonia Snap Dry Hoody:

A super versatile & technical light jacket. This thing is windproof, and resistant to light rain. The 4-way stretch nylon/spandex blend allows for maximum mobility. Feels like you're wearing nothing at all. Fantastic piece from Patagoina. ($169)

Simms Extream Core Top:

New from Simms, this thermal hoody is a really sweet addition to their layering selection. I ran this idea by them years ago, so it's cool to finally see it available. It's a hooded insulator with a built in neck gaiter. Wear this as a core next to your skin to prevent those nasty cold drafts from sneaking in. Turn yourself into a trout ninja! ($159.95)

Here's a list of upcoming tying events. Please remember to RSVP if you plan on attending (call us during business hours, or send an email to

November 14th 6-7:30pm - Both Locations - Fly Tying 101 Class $20

November 20th 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Steve Pels - Steelhead Flies $20

November 28th 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Dennis Potter - Trout Flies $20

November 28th 6pm Brews & Bugs EAST LANSING : Open Vise - FREE

December 5th 6pm Open Vise Night G.R. Shop FREE!

December 12th 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Staff - Steelhead Nymphs $20

January 2nd 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Steve Pels - Smallmouth Flies $20

January 9th 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Staff - Trout Streamers $20

January 16th 6pm Open Vise Night G.R. Shop FREE!

January 23rd 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Kevin Feenstra - Spey Flies $20

January 30th 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Staff - Smallmouth Flies $20 

February 13th 6pm Brews & Bugs GR: Drew Rosema- Steelhead Favs $20


Thanks for all the support at the shop! See you out there!