February 5, 2019 - Aftermath

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February 5, 2019 - Aftermath

What a crazy week that was. The entire state was essentially shut down for several days, with bone chilling temps and insane amounts of snow. The total snowfall for GR last week was somewhere in the 17" range. Much of it melted over the last couple days, causing the rivers to rise a bit. Most rivers are starting to thaw, but shelf ice and slush are still preventing easy access. High, dirty, cold water makes fishing tough, but not impossible. Here's the river yesterday morning.

Water is decently high, and very dirty and cold. Haven't heard much on the fishing front, since not many people have been out. We've never seen this many "throwback" photos posted online. Bigger rivers like the Grand and Muskegon have been decent, but still quiet in general. Check out Jeff Hubbard's latest report from the PM.

The forecast looks pretty stable. Hopefully we can get on the water soon because we could sure use some time on the rivers. Lots of fly tying going on lately!

SBS for white diver HERE

Northview HS Fly Squad Fundraiser

On Feb 27th, we are helping to raise funds for the Northview High School Fly Squad at Rockford Brewing. They are heading to Montana this Summer, and are raising money for gas, gear, lodging, etc etc. Matt Grajewski will be hosting a seminar on streamer design and techniques. There are some really cool raffle prizes that folks will be eligible to win with a minimum donation of $20. More info HERE. Give us a shout if you plan on attending.

Also, check out this TRIP Justin is hosting to Nakina, Canada this Summer. Pike on the fly, great food, lodging, wildlife, good times. 

Sorry for the lack of fish photos! Good luck if you get out!